Famous Haunted Places Around The Globe

Even the bravest hearts get timid in the wake of supernatural or paranormal activities. There are hundreds of sites across the world which are infamous for their paranormal activities. But some of them are more infamous than the others. Here is a list of the sites that have drawn more attention than their peers. These sites have a deep impact on the minds of people and affect the people in an unusual way than the others.

  1. Bhangarh Fort : The haunted Bhangarh Fort is one of the most haunted places in the world and is also recognized by the Government of India for its spookiness. The story of the fort goes like this. A tantrik (practitioner of black magic) tried to make the princess fall for him through black magic. The princess, aware of the evil plans of the tantric, ordered to execute him. Afraid of death, the tantrik cursed the entire village. According to him, no one would be able to have rooftops in the entire village. Still afraid of the curse, the residents of the village do not have a rooftop till date.
  1. Homestead Of Monte Cristo : The Homestead of Monte Cristo is one of the popular places in Australia. The house is believed to be haunted by the original owner of the house. Mrs Crawley, the original owner of the house, was never seen outside the house after the death of her husband. She stayed inside the house for more than 23 years, and the popular story goes that the ghost of the owner still haunts the place. Many claims to have seen the ghost of the lady. Flickering lights, strange voices and a strange white shadow of the lady are a common experience in the region.
  1. Highgate Cemetery : The Highgate cemetery is a burial ground that is the final resting place of more than150,000 people. These spirits do not haunt the place. It is the fear of a vampire that hunts the locals of the site. Many people have claimed to see a 7 feet tall man with hypnotic red eyes who is usually found in a black coat.
    This may sound something straight out of the movie, but many locals claim to observe such a man. In his presence, the temperature suddenly drops down and the time seems to get paused. These are some of the common experience of the locals. The story gained hype when the body of a woman was found in the place.
  1. Ancient Ram Inn : The 12th-century structure is known for its satanic practices. The owners of the buildings have been long affected by the structure. One of the owners was even dragged out of his bed and thrown in the open air by an invisible spirit.

The list can go on and on. There are thousands of structures that have been affected by the paranormal beings in one form or another. Many of them just may be hype while many of them describe true events. In some places, even the governments have recognized the places to be haunted. One must be careful while visiting such places. A little mistake can affect the entire lifetime of the person.